Cofely Besix Facility Management Review

Are you interested to know more about Cofely Besix Facility Management? You are in the right place; we’re providing a complete review of it.  

Are you looking for a Facility Management Company in the UAE?

However, if you are looking for a facility management company in the UAE? And you find it tough to which company you should choose? Well, your answer might be yes because facility management services require a unique set of duties. 

Are there trusted and experienced facility management companies? Well, there may be a lot, but Rafeeg Facility Management is one of the most innovative among all. 

Why Rafeeg FM?

Rafeeg FM is one of the most innovative facility management companies in the UAE. They were able to gain a big share of the market, serving more than 90,000 tenants with investment in R&D, and enhancing the customer experience. 

Moreover, a professional and an experienced company with a strong portfolio can add value to your organization. It requires an immense amount of responsibility from the overseeing of basic building maintenance to sophisticated software deployments. 

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Peace Of Mind

Let Rafeeg FM take the headache of services from you, giving you that one point of contact, who will then fully coordinate delivery of services.

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Energy Saving

Reducing energy consumption without sacrificing the quality of living actually raises the standard of living of the community.

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Digital Systems

Using dedicated tablets in the properties, linked via an application direct to our Software to allow Awqaf Team unlimited and ease of access to our services.

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Quality of Services

At Rafeeg FM we are committed and passionate about the quality of the services we deliver.

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About Cofely Besix Facility Management

CBFM was established in 2008 as a joint-venture of Cofely and the BESIX Group. The aim of the company was to cater to first-class facility management services in the Middle East. So far, it has employed 600 staff members in UAE and 800 in Qatar. It is also worth mentioning that CBFM is now part of ENGIE, a worldwide Global energy player. ENGIE used to hold a 50% share in CBFM. However, in 2019, it took full control of the company.

Moreover, the Besix group has been operating in the Middle East for more than 50 years. It has a wide range of experience in real estate as well as infrastructure construction. While Cofley, a part of ENGIE, has been present for more than 30 years. Therefore, both companies have strong roots in the region.

Cofely Besix Facility Management

What is the aim of Cofely Besix Facility Management?

The aim of the CBFM was to combine the strength of both companies to deliver the best facility management services. At the same time, they are focusing on the critical part of the facility management i. e the maintenance of technical installation and energy management. Now, as ENGIE has taken over the CBFM, they aim to revive its local presence in integrated client solutions for a zero-carbon transition, and their strategic ambition is to become a world leader in it. ENGIE is also aiming to develop energy-efficient assets, to put in practice a unique integrated approach, and to accelerate the company’s growth across a broad spectrum of services.

What services does Cofely Besix Facility Management provide?

Cofely Besix Facility Management is committed to providing an integrated facility management model that will be able to cater to multiple services on multiple sites. However, there will be a single point of contact. So, it offers a complete range of facility management solutions, maintenance, cleaning, and essential multi-disciplinary trades. However, the image below will give you a clear idea.

Apart from this, it also offers support via a 24/7 call center to every sector, from residential to commercial, educational, and airports.

With which giant clients Cofely Besix Facility Management has worked?

Cofely Besix Facility Management has vast experience in facility management and has worked with many giant clients in the Middle East. The list of its clients includes Masdar, The Emirates Group, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, Al Sufouh Tram, Emirates Real Estate Corporation, Yas Island, and Adar Headquarters. The other prominent name to whom CBFM has served is ISP (International School of Partnership), a global group.

Why should one choose Cofely Besix Facility Management?

Well, there are a lot of aspects that can advocate choosing CBFM over other facility management services. However, I will choose the words Reliability, expertise, integrity, diversity, and honesty to describe CBFM. The other major reasons are the following.

  • Group of dynamic minds

Cofely Besix Facility Management is a group of experts and professionals that have dynamic minds as well as progressive ideas. Every individual is well trained, and the staff is multi-talented. In contrast, the multinational team of professionals, managers, technicians, and craftsmen are highly skillful to meet the highest standards. CBFM also invests hugely on its members to keep them full of knowledge.

  • Preserve Integrity

CBFM does what they promise. Moreover, they observe the highest standard of professional ethics. They have a consistent and detailed approach in every aspect and maintain the best quality of services. Also, CBFM pays equal attention. Either it is a small task or a large task. At the same time, the client’s satisfaction is never compromised. In short, CBFM does the right thing, provides the right solutions for the right purpose to achieve the right results.

  • Relationship Building

The biggest and major aspect of choosing Cofely Besix Facility Management is its urge to build a relationship. When they provide service for the first time, they try to add value in every aspect, either it is financial or operational. However, they never compromise this standard at any point. Hence they give huge priority to the client’s assets. Also, CBFM will always come up with modern solutions that match international standards.

  • Protecting the client’s interests

Well, this is another reason you should choose CBFM. It always protects the interests of clients by owning their responsibilities. They assume themself an extension as well as the face of the organization’s operation. So, they present their best to maintain the client’s reputation with the use of the latest technologies.

  • Maximize efficiency and value

Cofely Besix Facility Management always looks forward to maximizing the efficiency of its clients. For this purpose, they always update their knowledge, technologies, and tactics. Their workforce keenly studies the culture of their clients as well as understand their expectations. So, they plan and form strategies accordingly to fetch the best results and leverage all their resources to enhance the service level.

  • Safety first

At CBFM, safety is assured at the topmost priority. They maintain the high standards of security and safety at all levels and also deploy the best quality equipment, tools, and processes. They say that our business is geared up to the wellbeing of our clients. CBFM is very instrumental in adhering to the latest international health standards and health practices. They always tend to form a healthy environment.

  • Set quality benchmark

And finally, they set a high benchmark for other facility management services with the services they provide. Cofely Besix Facility Management will never compromise on the quality of work and will go beyond expectations raising the bar high.



In the end, Cofely Besix Facility Management provides you with the best solution for your essential needs. Moreover, you can find diversified services at a single point of contact. So, in my opinion, CBFM is one of the best facility management company having a load of experience on its back of two renowned groups.